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•Uncover hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your success with realizing the fulfillment you know is possible

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“You’re allowed to leave any story you don’t belong in and you’re allowed to leave any story you don’t love yourself in”

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Everything is an adventure, and that's how I go through life. I'm an expert at adventuring and here to facilitate you on one through your own mind as you create the life you dream of!

Sports are a breeding ground for confidence issues, imposter syndrome, fear, etc. so a perfect gateway to discussing where else these issues are showing up and holding people back in life. My clients "have it all" with relationship and career, but there's just this little pesky detail...  It was supposed to feel better than this.  Life isn't fun. It doesn't feel as good as expected once all these goals were met.

Enter: me. I help women find their light, what really appeals to them, what work they really want to do, how to balance joy and accomplishment, and how to feel good in their hobbies. Mindset is huge, flow is huge, being outside is huge, following your curiosity is huge.

I'm an expert at doing hard things: climbing actual mountains, but also the cultural/professional mountains through my oil and gas career, learning to fly, learning new sports as an adult, traveling the world off the beaten path...

I blaze trails, break trails, and make trails, and I help my clients do the same!

So if you want a life that fits YOU rather than some model of what you're supposed to do . . . then I can help. If you're doing things never done before, or never done before by women, that's my jam too.

It's your time!  

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It's Time to Claim Your Best Life

HOw it works

Stephanie Dickerson

    Before I worked with Kellie I felt stuck... My sense of my ability to stand on my own two feet and claim my dreams without the support of my husband felt hopeless. Now, I spend the season skiing with my kids, in a dream home I manifested easily after Kellie’s support claiming my dreams and finding and clearing the blocks to having them. Things are much better in my marriage, having released my husband from the role or responsibility for my dreams I had him pegged in.

Erin Bolster

      Kellie's coaching is really forward thinking. I've tried therapy and, while it was interesting, I didn't think there was much to learn. The forward thinking is what makes coaching different - coaching with Kellie is really all about where you're going. In one word, I'd describe Kellie's coaching as informed. She comes at it from a concrete and scientific basis of what works, which I really appreciate. It's also really fun, which I didn't expect!

Maeve Nevins-Lavtar

   If you're on the fence about working with Kellie, I'd say definitely do it! One thing I value most about Kellie is that, in addition to being an accomplished woman in the world of sports and mountains, she's also had a high-powered job and been super successful in a male-dominated world. She's got the battle scars and lessons from being a very strong woman in the corporate/business world. So everything is on the table! It's empowering to know Kellie is in my camp and has my back.

Hannah Ettenberg

   Before working together, I was skeptical that coaching focused on work could solve my problems at work, but Kellie went fully in to the core rather than focusing on the symptoms. Now I understand that my challenges are not who I am, that I can learn how I actually feel and use it to guide my life (rather than beating myself up for being a round peg in square hole, find a round hole!) 

...first I thought I would use this to make my CEO goals easier, but now I realize it's about using it to align my life's work. You don't need to be X or Y to benefit!

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Schedule a free Wild Women Rising Session

In your free session we will:
•Create a clear vision for your untamed, unleashed potential.
•Uncover hidden challenges sabotaging your success. 

In Your Free Session we will:

•Create a clear vision for your untamed, unleashed potential.
•Uncover hidden challenges sabotaging your success. 

Wild Women Rising

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