Hi, I'm Kellie

I believe that everything is an adventure, and that's how I go through life. I'm an expert at adventuring and here to facilitate you on one through your own mind as you create the life of your dreams!

Sports are a breeding ground for confidence issues, imposter syndrome, fear, etc., so a perfect gateway to discussing where else these issues are showing up and holding people back in life. My clients "have it all" with relationship and career, but there's just this little pesky detail... Life isn't fun. It doesn't feel as good as it was supposed to once all these goals were met.

Enter: me. Part of the work I do is to help women find their light, what really appeals to them, what work they really want to do, how to balance joy and accomplishment, and how to feel good in their hobbies. Mindset is huge, flow is huge, being outside is huge, following your curiosity is huge.

I'm an expert at doing hard things: climbing actual mountains, but also the cultural/professional mountains through my oil and gas career, learning to fly, learning new sports as an adult, traveling the world off the beaten path...

I blaze trails, break trails, and make trails, and I help my clients do the same!

So if you want a life that fits YOU rather than some model of what you're supposed to do, I can help. If you're doing things never done before, or never done before by women, I can help there too.

It's your time!  

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About Kellie

Kellie Okonek knows adventure. As an elite ski mountaineer, she’s skied first descents across AK, Antarctica, Chile, Argentina, and Eastern Europe and has skied from the summit of Denali (20,308′) via the Messner Couloir and Aconcagua (22,841′) via the Polish Glacier. She’s biked, kited, skied, hiked, and adventured through 29 countries and expressed her love of international chatting throughout. As a bush pilot in Alaska, she has landed across the remote grandeur of the state. And all that happened while she maintained a very successful career in the energy industry, culminating as the Operations Manager for the Rumaila oilfield in Iraq (the world’s second-biggest field!)

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